Pricing Guide
Pricing varies with your total number of units.
  • "Increase Direct Bookings On Your Website
    With An Easy To Install Book Button"

  • Book Button

  • Unlimited Commission-Free Bookings

  • No Setup Fees

  • 1 Payment Gateway (Paypal or Stripe)

  • Built-In Channel Manager

  • Built-In Property Management System

  • Compatible with the following platforms and more:

More Direct Bookings, Happier Hosts
Left quote 9b6b3a6c4fcb6e80ca5fee0083e44a77fc9aa463900b23da9eadd0e5443552dd I was taking direct bookings through was time consuming going back and forth with guests...Now, it's way easier as guests can book and pay directly online.
Barcelona, Spain
Left quote 9b6b3a6c4fcb6e80ca5fee0083e44a77fc9aa463900b23da9eadd0e5443552dd I switched over from another provider and saw my direct bookings increase by about 40%...The system is pretty intuitive and user friendly.
Paris, France
Left quote 9b6b3a6c4fcb6e80ca5fee0083e44a77fc9aa463900b23da9eadd0e5443552dd Integrating iRoomi's booking system into our website has enabled us to get more revenue from direct bookings than ever before...less fees paid to Booking and Airbnb.
Athens, Greece
Left quote 9b6b3a6c4fcb6e80ca5fee0083e44a77fc9aa463900b23da9eadd0e5443552dd Great customer service,...they continually improve their product and add new features to the service...have been pleased so far with the results I am seeing.
Rome, Italy
Frequently asked questions by our customers.
Is It Compatible With My Site?
Yes, the book button is compatible with any website that is editable.
Can I Cancel At Anytime?
Yes, if you are not happy with our product you can cancel at anytime.
Can I Change My Plan?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime.
How Can I Accept Online Payments?
You must sign up for a Paypal Business Account or Stripe Account.
Do I need to install software?
No, iRoomi is completely cloud based so you can access it anywhere from your computer, phone, or tablet.
Can I Switch From Another Service?
Yes, we will help you with the migration process from your current service.
Does it work with WordPress?
Yes, the Book Button is WordPress compatible.
Are There Any Fees Per Booking?
No, we don't charge any per-booking fees.
How Do I Pay My Monthly Fee?
We automatically charge your credit card each month.