Web Designers
and Developers
You build awesome websites for vacation rental or small hotel owners to increase their exposure and direct inquiries.
Our software solution is a great add-on to your services and can help grow your business while empowering your clients with powerful management tools and more direct bookings.
Hospitality IT
Solutions Providers
You provide IT solutions for small hotel and vacation rental property owners who come to you for your expertise in information technology.
Expand your offerings and scale your business by providing iRoomi cloud software solutions. Vacation rental owners and hoteliers will increase their direct revenues and spend less time managing their bookings.
Hospitality Consultants
Vacation rental groups and hotels seek your expertise to help them increase their revenues and reduce their costs.
The iRoomi software solutions will help your hospitality clients achieve their objectives of greater direct bookings and reduced overhead by using the iRoomi Cloud Channel Manager and PMS.